TreadWright Tires

TreadWright Tires had recently moved to Houston, TX from North Dakota after being acquired by Overall Capital.  TreadWright wanted to ignite rapid growth by promoting a new mold cure process while simultaneously growing the remanufacturing plant. 

TreadWright wanted ADBacked to come up with their unique selling propositions and KPI’s to drive sales online with their remanufactured remolded tire. 


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  •  Increase brand awareness of TreadWright tires in a highly competitive market with a remanufactured product.
  • Building testimonials and reviews to combat the existing negative reviews.
  • Educating the target market on “remolding” and explaining the difference between pre-cure and mold cure technologies.  A perception may linger that remolding is unsafe, or less durable. The only way to combat this is through education and branding efforts.


  •  Updated TreadWright website with a user friendly professional UX design.
  • Organized, managed and launched all email drip campaigns on Mailchimp and transitioned to Klaviyo
  • Added Affirm, Snap Finance and Zibby micro financing options to their checkout process. 
  • Incorporated Yotpo reviews to their website. 
  • Added a road hazard upsell upon checkout to increase AOV.
  • Made a series of All American Tire Videos for top of funnel marketing campaigns for American Made Branding. 
  • Made an informational video in the “cheddar” viral style to educate the difference between mold cure and pre cure. 
  • Wrote a series of knowledge based blogs and started a trailblazers brand ambassador feature section. 
  • Recruited top off road and Overlanding influencers to review the brand on YouTube, Google and forums. 
  • Landed features on top tier blogs such as Gear Junkie, Four Wheeler, & etc. 
  • Launched and maintain Google Shopping, Display and search campaigns.
  • Developed and launched referral program with refersion
  • Centralized all products feeds and GS1 product codes.
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